Workshop Feedback

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The time I spent in marriage matters has, to this point, made more of an impact on my life and marriage than any other single event I’ve been a part of.
– Jay

Thanks for facilitating the discussions on Marriage Matters. It was clear to me that you are “allowing” God to use you to minister/love others the way He ministers/loves you. I like how you made the topic of marriage, from a man’s perspective, straightforward and simple yet provocative and profound.
My biggest takeaway: Praying daily that God would change ME…not my wife, not my situation, not “my marriage” but that He would change me and make me more Christlike.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this journey.  It’s been instrumental in my spiritual growth and in my marriage relationship. I’ve still got a long way to go but believe that at least now I’m on the right path. I like the style with a blend of personal experiences and reference materials.  The format of the meetings was well facilitated in that each person’s input was recognized and validated, which encouraged open dialogue.  Input from the group’s experience was very insightful and relatable.
– Lloyd

Peter!!! This has been so good. Hard to isolate just this because of a few other things that are affecting she and I… but we’re at an all-time high!
– Benj

Thanks again for coming alongside me in this.  I feel so much good coming out of the time with you guys on Thursday’s.  I pray I will be able to help someone, someday as you’re helping me. Thank you so much for your leadership through this workshop.  I have learned so much about myself and my marriage over the last few weeks and I’m grateful for the environment of openness you’ve created.
– Jeff

Your message is offensive because it’s based on absolute truth. Truth is often times very convicting and therefore offensive. I want to thank you for sharing with us this morning in Cartersville. Your passion for your own and other marriages is evident in your efforts to share the message. In addition to saying thank you, I want to encourage you to continue. I know the going gets tough at times, but know that you are positively impacting men and their marriages.
– Michael

Hi Peter, first and foremost, thank you for inviting me to the Marriage Matters workshop and for all that you do to spread the gospel in a constructive and positive away in the community.  It was truly life-altering and I appreciate all that you do to provide an objective and real, truth-filled environment for men to explore how to improve their relationship with God and with their spouse.
– John C.

Loved the short, easy-to-execute reading assignments.  It was a haul to come from midtown, but I left EVERY class saying the drive was worth it.
– John D.

Really enjoyed the class and took much away from it. The video today was great and the concepts are not coincidental at all, just grounded in truth. I appreciated (and identified) with so much of what you shared. Thanks for letting the Holy Spirit speak through you.
– Chris

Best marriage material/facilitator/environment I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been through a lot! My flesh pattern is independence so to find out there’s something I can do to get a better response (I know. No guarantee) was revolutionary! If I can keep the “ally” instead of “enemy” perspective concerning my wife we’ll be in a much better place. Even if that doesn’t happen I can have peace because I understand what God intended and my role in alignment with that purpose. I Love the book. Simple. SHORT! To the point. No fluff. Even offensive at times in a good way! My hope and prayer is that I can help others experience the joy that I have from understanding better my role in the hardest/most frustrating “job” I’ve ever had (being a husband)!
– Glenn

Peter, you are an outstanding presenter and facilitator. Your personal witness, sprinkled throughout the book and the weekly discussions, adds fantastic depth to the impact of the Big Themes. North Fulton is obviously convenient to most NPCC members. However, your program needs to SCALE QUICKLY. Hundreds of thousands of men in Atlanta metro alone need to embrace the strategic nature of marriage in God’s plan.
– Frank

Your book was great …perfect length and it offers many jumping off points to discuss matters that seem to be reaching all of us. You have done a terrific job and I appreciate how it motivates me each week. It serves as a check and balance as to how I want to be versus how I actually am. I enjoy coming each week regardless of the number of times. There is always something said that is meaningful and certainly thought provoking. Thank you again!
– Brooke

As I read the book I felt that it was Divinely inspired. The Lord is using you and is equipping you with the right info! It hits a man right in the eyeball. My goals have been met so much that I know now that I will continue to seek Him through my awesome wife. Thanks for this gift!
– Steven

You’ve communicated a lot of key information about godly marriage in a very short time. More importantly, it’s obvious that a number of men in the group have taken to heart what you’ve been teaching and have tried to implement some of what they’ve learned. No small accomplishment. It is stunning—and heartening—to me to see men who are being proactive about their marriages. Usually, men have to be dragged kicking and screaming to anything in the category of “marriage enrichment.”
– Al

The thing I liked most about the book is the fact that it is based on truth. I can tell that the book is a refined set of principles that you and others have personally experienced where God has made a huge difference in countless marriages. The thing I liked most about the meetings is the level of transparency within the group and knowing that we are not in this journey alone. This study has provided God’s blueprint for all of us to follow to be the men that he wants us to be, regardless of what our spouse chooses to do. The book provides the blueprint that men need to be the man that God wants them to be in their marriages.
– Bill

Hi Peter, I’m smiling thinking about the effect your MM Workshop has on us and the women we love.  Your blessed to have been called into this and I imagine the regular review of these principles are something you and Devonie are grateful for too.
– Michael

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